Chocolate-Only Diet: Day 2

Yesterday I went shopping, so this morning’s breakfast is more diverse. A brownie adds a comparatively wholesome texture, while for drinks I’ve got a mocha and a glass of chocolate milk. Takes me back to childhood, having a glass of milk with a meal.

Breakfast, Day 2 of Chocolate Week
Breakfast, Day 2 of Chocolate Week

The stomach ache of yesterday is gone, though again I feel slightly wired and have an elevated pulse.

While water hasn’t bored me as I expected, nonetheless I’ve been drinking much less. As my typical post-lunch liquids were zero-calorie soft drinks, I guess mostly I was craving sweetness rather than hydration.

By pacing myself beforehand, tonight I’ve left stomach space for dessert. Which turns into three courses. Because I can.

Shopping trolley for chocolate week
I’m not cheating, the rice is for Bella the dog’s new diet

I’ve tracked my daily energy balance over the last six months with an app called Myfitnesspal. Each night it estimates the weight I’d be in five weeks, if I maintained that day’s eating and exercise. Tonight’s result: nine kilos heavier. That’s over a kilo a week, or more than doubling my weight within a year.

Shocking yes, but it’s all about the frame of reference. As the chart shows, my weight gain still won’t match that of a newborn human or whale. Many people consider them to be adorable, so perhaps they’ll feel the same about Tubby Banno.

Comparison of weight gain

Daily Kilojoules, Day 2

 TargetConsumed% of Daily Target Consumed

Food Diary, Day 2

BreakfastChocolate milk, mocha, creme mint slice; gluten-free choc fudge brownie (1.5); Caramello Koala, fun-size Mars Bar (2), Snickers
LunchTim Tam; creme mint slice biscuit; Freddo Frog; fun-sized Boost
SnacksMocha; gluten-free Choc Fudge Brownie; Freddo; M&Ms; caramello blocks; fun-size Snickers(2), Mars Bar (2), Salted Caramel
DinnerGluten-free Choc Fudge Brownie (1.5); Dream white choc block; Choc Mint Creme biscuit; Mars Bar Pods; M&Ms; fun-sized Flake, Picnic
DessertGluten-free Choc Fudge Brownie; chocolate ice cream (1.5 serves); chocolate bavarian

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