Chocolate-Only Diet: Day 6

Wasn’t feeling great before bed last night. I get that sometimes, with suspects being white wine or motion sickness from playing Borderlands on the PS3. It always passes pretty quickly. This time however I was awoken from my slumber by a toilet emergency. Fortunately, despite the hour, I had the presence of mind to grab my crossword book on the way in. Times like this I’m grateful I’m not camping.

Breakfast, Day 6 of Chocolate Week. Presentation standards have declined.
Breakfast, Day 6 of Chocolate Week. Presentation standards are slipping.

It’s Easter Sunday. I can never remember which of the Easter days is the chocolate one. Between that and the part of my brain devoted to chocolate already running at 100% capacity, I actually forgot to get chocolates for my family. Oops. So this year the Easter bunny brought me gifts, and guilt. Kids, let this be a lesson – chocolate junkies hurt the ones they love.

Chocolate rabbits and flowers
“Everybunny please hop aboard the eggcellent Pun train. To burrow a phrase from Warren, ‘its gunna get hare-y.'”

My chocolate-only experiment had come to the attention of a local newspaper. They ran a half-page story, drawing on an hour of interviewing in the morning, and a photo shoot in the afternoon.

Chocolate week photo shoot setup
Today’s photo shoot was awarded the top score of 4 out of 4 chocolate bunnies.

The photo shoot was good fun. I pretended to eat an easter egg with a fork, plus my four-legged friend Bella had a part to play. The photographer’s creative use of my remaining chocolate supplies culminating in pouring out handfuls of M&Ms. I then had my own easter egg hunt as I tracked down the colourful discs that had scattered around the floors.

Later in the day I sat outside and made a second video. Consider this one a bit more indie/arthouse. Budget didn’t stretch to me changing out of my new ‘living in Aussie suburbia’ clothes.

I’d read in years past of a then-developing web sensation – people sharing video online of themselves eating. My first thought was this had to be some sexual fetish thing, but apparently not. So I figured I’d film myself eating a whole block of chocolate. I mean Why not, I’d probably eat it anyway.

Daily Kilojoules, Day 6

 TargetConsumed% of Daily Target Consumed

Food Diary, Day 6

BreakfastSmarties block (1 row); Mocha; Tim Tam; GF chocolate brownie; M&Ms; fun-sized Picnic, Snickers.
LunchChocolate milk; Caramello Koala; Dream white chocolate (1 row).
SnacksChoc caramel muffin (3); Tim Tam; mocha; M&M; fun-sized Flake, Snickers, Boost.
DinnerCaramello block (entire block).
DessertChocolate caramel muffin; Tim Tam; Smarties block (2 rows); M&Ms; fun-sized Flake, Snickers.

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